Key features

Simple, searchable, secure, scalable.

Store your data

From data migration to records retention backed by the stability and security of Microsoft Azure, cloudlocker has you covered while keeping cost down.

The platform

By leveraging industry best-practice and the Microsoft Azure platform, cloudlocker is designed from the ground-up to be a secure storage platform for your legacy data. Cloudlocker takes advantage of Azure capabilities such as:

  • Azure functions and kubernetes for serverless resources take improve scalability and reduce cost
  • Azure Blob storage high-performance, secure and redundant storage.
  • Azure Managed Identity to eliminate password as part of our security strategy

Data security

Cloudlocker is designed from the ground-up leveraging Microsoft Azure to be a secure storage platform for your legacy data. Your data always is protected both in transit and at rest. At the storage level, Customers have the option for either logical or physical separation. Cloudlocker also offers flexible key management options. End user authentication is integrated with a Customer’s own M365 authentication environment and therefore allows Customers to use their existing user accounts and Multi-factor authentication solutions.

For more information on MS Azure’s security capabilities please visit this link.

The team behind Cloudlocker is also proud of our recent BS EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 certification which is the internationally acclaimed standard for information security management.

Data migration

Getting your legacy archive data into cloudlocker couldn’t be easier. We have secure over-the-wire ingestion entry points and a highly qualified migration practice, the strongest in the business, that migrate your data from just about any platform. Popular sources include: Enterprise Vault, SourceOne, Exchange/O365, PST, EML/MSG, Barracuda, Metalogix, CommVault, and popular industry leading cloud archives.

Manage retention, expiry, and legal holds

Once your data is in cloudlocker, set a retention policy on your archived data so it’s retained for as long as required, and optionally expire it at the conclusion of the retention period.

Prevent the expiry and deletion of data critical for legal matters or investigations by placing data on hold. Holds can then be lifted at the conclusion of the matter.

Search your data

Cloudlocker has two levels of indexing. The first basic index optimizes the data load process and provides a quick search on custodian, date, and subject based legal hold scopes.

After scoping your dataset as a legal hold, enable deep search indexing to add on advanced search options to drill down for focused item level review and/or a more curated data set for export.

Your cloudlocker subscription can also include fully managed eDiscovery via our Discovery Assist Services.

Export your data

Export content to EML or Directly to Office 365.

Export the data to an industry standard format for downstream eDiscovery analysis and review.

Directly export your results to an Office 365 Advanced Discovery Case in the Purview Compliance Center. Simply provide your Non-O365 SAS URL, and Cloud Locker will add your case data to a review set. Microsoft E5 or Advanced eDiscovery licenses required.

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