Stop overpaying for your static archive

And take control of your legacy email and file data.

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Secure storage for your legacy data

Cloudlocker offers a simple and affordable solution to dealing with the vast number of legacy email archives businesses have built up over time. Its a tool to easily help IT and risk departments manage this data cost effectively and securely. Cloudlocker also offers accessible solutions for legal teams, helping them manage data governance risks, ensuring the data remains compliant as regulations continue to evolve.

While many organizations are considering a shift to Office 365, moving legacy archives can be expensive, especially with journal data where single-instancing has to be reversed. Looking for a cost effective, secure, and easy to use cloud storage platform for your legacy email and file system data? Cloudlocker is your solution.

Simple, scalable,
and affordable

Cloudlocker is a simple-to-use and affordable solution that’s ideal for legacy email storage. This scalable solution can be used for storing legacy archive data, allowing organizations to easily search for and produce relevant emails for investigations and decommission aging legacy on-premises systems. This can eliminate hardware costs, maintenance and support, and labor of managing those systems.

Choose cloudlocker

Cloudlocker is an Azure-based storage platform that allows you to retain, search, hold, export, and expire your legacy email and file data.


Cost-effective, single place to store all your legacy email.


Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Leverage modern authentication with MFA.


Import Data at 1 TB+ per day.
Search 100 Million+ Records in under 15 seconds.
Export for 250,000+ Items ready in under 5 minutes.


Clean, easy to use web interface allows you to find what you need as quickly as possible.


Assign retention, place items on legal hold, and expire data when needed.


Export search results directly to an Advanced Purview Case within M365.

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Store your data

Our dedicated migrations team can quickly and defensibly migrate your data from just about any legacy archiving or email platform. We provide full end-to-end chain of custody reporting.

Search your data

Leveraging an industry leading index platform with a scaled approach to content indexing, cloudlocker balances searchability and cost.

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Export your data

Export your data in open formats to use in a review tool of your choice or send the data to an Advanced Purview Case in M365.